My Diet ID doesn't match how I really eat. What should I do?

If you feel that your Diet ID does not accurately represent your diet pattern, we invite you to take the assessment again, keeping an eye out for any foods or beverages that you may have missed in previous images. Diet ID is accurate in almost every case, so we hope a second time through will be enough to assess your diet. 

If you still don’t see an accurate representation of your diet pattern, please let us know in the feedback section (this module may or may not be visible). If you see this module, drag the slider to the left to tell us how close we got to how you typically eat. Feel free to leave feedback in the text box about what you would change about your assessment.

If you don't see this feedback module on your assessment, feel free to use the chat box on the bottom corner of your window or email us at to share your feedback. 

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