How do I register with my phone number?

If you see an option to register with your phone number to begin your Diet ID journey, you will start by entering your 10-digit phone number. Be sure to enter a mobile phone number that can receive text messages. 

After you click "Create Account," you'll be asked for a 6-digit OTP or one-time-passcode. You should have received this passcode via text message.

You'll receive a text message with a 6-digit code that looks something like this (note - YOUR verification code will not match the verification code in the image below). 

You'll enter the 6-digit verification code in the OTP field in the form. You'll also enter your first name and last name in the respective fields and click "LOG IN" to complete your registration. 

When registering with your phone number, you will not need to set up a password. Instead, each time you want to log in, you simply enter your phone number and we will text you a NEW one-time password to your registered phone number.

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