How do I add buddies?

As a team member, you may automatically be buddied up with your teammates. You’re twice as likely to succeed at a habit when you do it with a friend. 

If your team doesn’t enable auto-Buddies, you can manually add buddies. First, tap on the ‘Buddies’ tab

 if you are on desktop or 

if you are on mobile. 

Next, tap the "+" in the top right corner of the buddies tab

Then search for the person you are looking for by their USERNAME (not name or email)

Then tap the purple "+" to add the person as a buddy.

Your buddy will receive a notification about your buddy request. 

Once your buddy has accepted your request, you will see each other on your buddies page. 

You'll see your buddy's streak, how many days they have been successful, and their success rate. You may also see a message about their progress, like the one above, and a call-to-action to either "Nudge" or Congratulate your buddy. If you tap that button, your buddy will receive an automated direct message from you via Diet ID with a motivational message.

If you want to remove a buddy, you can tap on the "Requests" button 

Then find the buddy you would like disconnect. Tap on the delete icon. 

You will be prompted to confirm your disconnection request. Tap "Do it. I'm sure" to confirm. 

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